You can help support HARC’s efforts to get a new outreach vehicle so they can get their street outreach programs fully up and running again! It is really easy to do. All you have to do is log into Facebook once a day until May 23rd and click a few buttons.

Instructions from HARC on how to vote:

1. “Like” Bank of Ann Arbor (
2. Click the Project Help app ( located along the top menu bar (next to the photos button)
3. “like” the app
4. Find HARC in the $10k category and vote!
5. Share it with your friends
6. Repeat every day until May 23!

Make sure you click the see more link just below for instructions on how to vote. HARC is in the running for a $10,000 grant from the Bank of Ann Arbor. Winners are selected by Facebook users via online voting. Once a day, we need your support. See below to find out how you can help HARC and the communities we serve. We hope to use the grant in our efforts to secure a new outreach van.

Vote today. Vote tomorrow. Vote to help.

Your vote and sharing of this information with your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter communities (not to mention friends, family, co-workers) urging their support can help HARC win $10,000 toward our much-needed outreach van.

One minute, every day, is all that we ask of you!


Our outreach program is crucial to our mission. Our van is one of the tools we use to accomplish that mission. Free Safer Sex Supplies. Free Syringe Access. Free HIV and Hep C Testing. Free Support. Free Advice. Free Companionship. Help us keep these services alive.